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Mask-Kingdom™ is unquestionably your biggest supplier in the market for Halloween masks. Specializing in replica masks from TV series or Hollywood movies, we have set ourselves the goal of providing you with the most faithful masks at the best price.

Our scary halloween masks to be as scary as possible during the day of the dead, the led halloween mask lights up with neon lamps for a glow straight out of the darkness.

The purge mask to celebrate the annual purge of the new founding fathers. The LED purge mask is ideal for the 12 hours of annual purge to vent your anger.

Our Jason mask is also a must-have, belonging to a serial killer who likes to kill without moderation for pure pleasure, the jason voorhees mask has been brought back into fashion in the movie Jason V.s. Freddy.

Opt for the michael myers mask in case you love to make victims on Halloween night. Also updated with the latest movies, the halloween michael myers mask is a must-have accessory for this serial killer.

You will certainly have seen it on the internet, the anonymous mask has been revived after being inspired by the main character of the movie v for vendetta mask. Celebrate Halloween to free your country hidden behind an anonymous hacker mask.

The marshmello mask is certainly the most recent costume, made famous by a mysterious DJ seen on TV and social networks, the dj marshmello mask is equipped with several LED strips that will light up your parties.

The Money Heist mask is one of the timeless of the moment, taken from the Money Heist series which has been a real hit, everyone now wants to wear a dali mask money heist and go rob banks for maximum money.

More classic, we no longer present the skull mask. A real Halloween costume that cannot be ignored, the skull face mask will delight all fans of skull or the living dead.

The Oni Mask can be found in Japanese folklore, representing a troll or a supernatural ogre. The Japanese oni mask will grant you super-powers throughout your Halloween party.

Older, the plague doctor mask was once used in the 1600s by doctors to combat the Black Death. Use the black plague doctor mask to make sure you don’t catch any viruses or diseases during Halloween.

We also have a very wide range of other Halloween-themed masks such as :

  • Masquerade masks
  • Hacker mask
  • Clown mask
  • Joker mask
  • Kitsune mask
  • Scream mask
  • Pennywise mask
  • Kabuki mask
  • Gas mask

As you can see, our online store is expert in Halloween masks and we give 100% every day to provide you with the best masks on the market. Our online store offers you 100% secure payment methods as well as fast delivery in America and around the world.

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