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In the series Money Heist, the goal of the team dressed in Money Heist face mask, is to rob the National Factory of Coins and Stamps in Madrid but without stealing taxpayers' money, and above all: without killing. To prepare the mission, Professor (Álvaro Morte), the brains behind the operation, has brought together characters from different backgrounds in the Spanish countryside.

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At the end of this bucolic trip between more or less angry gangsters, they storm the building and lock themselves inside with visitors and staff, who become hostages but above all manpower hidden behind their Money Heist mask costume. Since their arrival in the National Coin and Stamp Factory, the cheerful team of flayers have one goal: to stay inside as long as possible, to print as many banknotes as possible. The plan is meticulously prepared by the Professor. Everybody is dressed in a red suit, gangsters as hostages to sow doubt in case pictures come out, and they wear a Money Heist mask dali depicting the painter Salvador Dali.

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