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scream mask

Casey Becker, a stunning teenage girl, is alone in the family home. She will view a horror movie, but the phone rings. On the other end of the line, a serial killer wearing a Scream movie mask, and forces her to play a terrible game: if she addresses terribly to his questions about horror motion pictures, he will kill her sweetheart ...

The Scream mask

Sidney Prescott understands she's one of the Woodsboro killer's possible victims. She doesn't understand who to rely on anymore. In between Billy, her sweetheart, her buddy Tatum and her sibling Dewey, her classmates Stuart and Randy, the pushy reporter Gale Weathers and her cameraman Kenny who hang around all the time and her ever-absent daddy, who hides behind the killer's bleeding Scream mask ? "Hello Sidney. Do you like Frightening Films?". This expression from the famous Scream legend is now part of the international culture. Similar to the ghostly Scream tv series mask of the serial killer (often seen on Halloween). Wes Craven, the master of supsense horror films, has been delighting us for four years with what is now called the initial 'teen slasher' saga. It's cult, it's amusing, it's frightening and it deserves enjoying.

Our ghostface Scream mask

The funny Scream mask in online shop has the widest selection of products dedicated to the legendary Scream movies. In this collection, we've gathered all the most perfect replicas you've ever seen on the Hollywood movie screen. The white scream face mask has marked so many generations through time, so we have given a crucial importance to provide you with the best masks on the market below :

  • Scary movie scream mask
  • Scream mask with blood
  • MTV scream mask
  • Scream tv show mask
  • Original scream mask
  • Scream mask with tongue
  • Scream 4 mask
  • Scream mask smiling
  • Scream mask wassup

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Our high Scream mask

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