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Michael Myers mask from movie

Halloween night, 1963. Six-year-old Michael Myers hurries into his older sister's room and stabs her savagely. After his gesture, Michael remains silent and is dedicated to a mental institution. Fifteen years later on, he escapes from the healthcare facility and returns to the scene of his crime. He then assaults the teens of the city with a dark and ominous original Michael Myers mask in the shape of human skin with an empty look.

Our original Michael Myers mask

You fell under the iconic spell of the famous 1978 Michael Myers mask ? Make your loved ones believe that Michael got out of prison by putting this mask over your face. Go out to your village one Halloween night to continue the work of this legendary psychopath dressed in a cheap Michael Myers mask. Knock on the doors of your neighborhood on the evening of October 31st, armed with a big knife and your mask, make others' evening unforgettable...or...horrible !

Our Halloween Michael Myers mask

You will have understood it, welcome to our online shop which is dedicated to all the Halloween masks from the most famous Hollywood movies. Our collection of authentic Michael Myers mask will make you look forward to partying on Halloween night ! We have designed for you perfect replicas of the Halloween movie with the best Michael Myers mask currently available on the market :

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We are the true N°1 expert in horror mask accessories to allow you to scare others during any party that needs to be remembered. The real Michael Myers mask is one of the indispensable costumes that can be found every year during the bogeyman's night.

Our Michael Myers mask 2018 and 1978

Our team is looking forward to seeing you in our online store to provide you with the best h20 Michael Myers mask to become a true psychopath who must imperatively be interned in a psychiatric hospital. Take advantage of our exclusive promotions to buy a Michael Myers mask replica to add to your collection of horror costume in your room.

Where does the saga of the Halloween movies come from ?

Michael Myers is among the villains of the horror movie cult. With his new Michael Myers mask and his insanity, in between mental illness and curse, this character has actually terrified a number of generations of teenagers. The Halloween legend, which includes 11 movies, therefore highlights this evil character who appears like a zombie. Although John Carpenter only made the very first film in this legend, he and his other half, Debra Hill, often took part in the production of the many sequels. The very first Halloween is more than likely among John Carpenter's best films and launched the profession of Jamie Lee Curtis. With many follows up and re-inventions, a number of efforts to update the franchise, restarts by Rob Zombie and a new episode in 2018 that ties in directly with the first film of 1978, the Halloween series is more popular than ever.