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The term kitsune (狐 or きつね) actually means fox. It is a Yokai, a wonderful spirit endowed with effective powers. The Japanese Kitsune mask is also a polymorphic creature, with the capability to change shape and often handles a human look. In Japanese folklore, the Kitsune fox mask, when considered good-hearted, is typically related to the divine being of Inari rice. He then plays the role of messenger, servant and can likewise bring luck with him.

The Japanese Kabuki mask

Some sources seem to classify the traditional Kitsune mask in thirteen types where each of them would be related to the thirteen components. Nevertheless, there are essentially two primary categories:

  1. The Myobu, likewise called celestial or high kitsune. They are humane kitsune serving the goddess Inari. They are auspicious and considered as the first class of high kitsune, related to the aspect of the heavens.
  2. The Nogitsune: also called dark kitsune. They are not related to Inari and represent the 2nd class of superior kitsune because of their connection to the element of the void. They are harmful, malicious kitsune and quick to play bad tricks. Other local legends describe an additional category of kitsune as wild or inferior kistune. They are associated with the timeless aspects but just two types appear to be bad:
  3. The Kuko, likewise called the air kitsune. It appears in the form of wind and can make fog or mist appear.
  4. The Kiko or Kuryo: also referred to as kitsune ghosts or fox demons.

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