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In Derry, Maine, seven kids struggling to fit in have actually banded together in the "Club of Losers". Rejected by their classmates, they are the favourite targets of the school's tough kids. They likewise share that they have actually experienced their biggest terror in the face of an awful shape-shifter predator that they call "It" (Pennywise), concealed behind a realistic Pennywise mask ...

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For Derry has always been prey to a creature that emerges from the sewers every 27 years to feed upon the terrors of its chosen victims: children. Determined to stick together, the Failed try to conquer their fears to stop a brand-new homicidal cycle. A cycle that began on a rainy day when a little boy chasing his paper boat came face to face with the Pennywise mask 2019 of the Influenza Clown ... The 2nd movie is set 27 years after the Club des Ratés' triumph over Grippe-Sou, the sinister Clown and his It Pennywise mask is back to plant horror in the streets of Derry. Now adults, the Club members have all left the small town to make a life on their own. Nevertheless, when more children are reported missing, Mike, the only one of the group who has actually remained behind, asks the others to join him. Traumatized by their past experience with this awful Pennywise deluxe mask, they should master their deepest worries to destroy Grippe-Sou at last. But first they must face the Clown, who has become more unsafe than ever ...

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