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The Plague, likewise called the Black Death, was a really virulent and deadly epidemic that caused panic during the Middle Ages, eliminating millions of people. The Doctor of the Plague with his plague doctor bird mask was the person in charge of taking care of the sick; usually he wore rather sinister and stressing clothing to avoid contagions; since it was thought that this disease could be transmitted through the air and through the pores of the skin, that's why protections were established for the Medical professional of the Plague. These consisted of a wide-brimmed hat, safety glasses, leather gloves, a large leather coat, a wand to examine the patient's physical condition without touching him, and the famous original plague doctor mask with the shape of a bird's beak.

Our black plague doctor mask

Nowadays, we typically keep in mind the plague doctor half mask that these Medical professionals wore, especially those from Venice, specifically the model designed in the seventeenth century by Charles de L'Orme to treat their clients. For this reason, it is impossible to think of the absence of this plague doctor mask costume in the Venice Carnival or in other European countries, provided their value in the popular imagination.

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The lengthened nose of the old plague doctor mask was filled with herbs such as myrrh, laudanum, ambergris, mint leaves, rose petals ... to prevent the transmission of this disease through the breathing system. The masks had the shape of a bird's beak due to the fact that it was believed that these animals had resistance to this disease, which is why this symbolization.

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The Plague Medical professional's bubonic plague doctor mask is one size just but adjustable. It is an elaborate mask made from high quality leather and able to adapt to the head thanks to their leather swaddles. To protect you from this black plague, we have gathered in this collection the best plague doctor mask halloween to celebrate Halloween or the Venice carnival. Take advantage of our online shop to equip yourself properly for the next viruses that will appear with these scary plague doctor mask below :

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  • Plague doctor beak mask

As you will have noticed, we have a wide range of products dedicated to the plague mask theme. Please your loved ones or your family by offering them these plague doctor masquerade mask with bird beak. Differentiate yourself from the others with this scary costume while walking in your streets on Halloween night.

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