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clown mask

Obtained from a reputable collective imagination since Stephen King's films "It (Pennywise)" and reactivated by the last season of "American Horror Story" (american horror story clown mask), the clown has actually become a disturbing, even terrible being. Are you part of the "clown-mania" movement? You will find your happiness in this large collection of silicone clown mask related to the legend of the clown.

Our scary clown mask

In the beginning, the clown is this carnivalesque figure of "overthrow" - as Bakhtine so appropriately put it when he evokes the work of Rabelais. The evil clown mask traditionally represents the figure of the murdered king, he is the inversion of this very same royal figure and the values attached to it. While the king represents rationality, decision-making authority and sovereignty, the scary clown mask for Halloween is the personification of insanity, ridicule and irreverence.

Our killer clown mask

Envision a happy clown mask who traded his balloon for an axe on Halloween night, he's more of a connection. It is the truth of interrupting the race of truth, by intervening "out of context" that creates fear. Also, the gown codes are rather particular. They are the ones that permit you to get out of touch with reality. There is a whole typology of clowns - from the unfortunate clown to the cheerful clown - different from our clown-terrorists. These latex clown mask take up the codes built by and for cinema and television: sharp, yellow and pointed teeth, white face, nose and red hair, usually with blackened eyes, are the most striking invariants.

Our creepy clown mask

Then since it enables the perpetrator of violence to clear himself. You do not have to be schizophrenic to feel the benefits of camouflage: the mask safeguards, makes you confidential and permits a double identity of the type "it wasn't me who acted, it was the clown face mask". So there is a part of reduction of the act for the one who dedicates it, he wished to "simply scare".

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Buy the mask that matches your personality in our large collection that we have carefully integrated into our online store dedicated to Halloween masks. We have selected all the different plastic clown mask from the most frightening to the most friendly exclusively for you to find your happiness among all our masked universe.

The Halloween clown mask

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