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If you travel to Japan, you might see people at festivals, in manga, and even in the theater using Japanese red oni mask of the Japanese gods Kami, Kitsune or Oni demons. Oni are terrible Japanese satanic forces!

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An Oni also called Yokai is an evil being who roams in the spirit world. He can take the form of demons, trolls, monsters, or ogres. It is a Japanese satanic force the samurai Oni mask commonly represented worldwide of art, literature and theatre in the land of the rising sun. An Oni is a famous creature and spirit with strong meaning much like the kappa, the fox devil Kitsune, the yurei, the tenga and the cruel demon Hannya!

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Throughout the excellent Edo and Tokugawa shogun period, every Japanese warrior used a samurai mask like a traditional oni mask, likewise called a mempo mask, on the battlefield. The function was to scare and terrify the opponents of other clans during the fighting. This half mask (blue oni mask) likewise served as a protection worn in addition to the Kabuto. It is the samurai helmet making up the armor of the Japanese warriors!

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In Noh theatre, the oni divine being is played by a star using a kabuki oni mask and an oni outfit (kimono). The masks are typically substantial with red-blue or white faces. Horns protrude from the temples of the oni mouth mask, the stars play the function of the satanic force with fantastic ease and ideal gestures, their faces being already covered by the oni masks.

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The oni masks of the Japanese theatre resemble the hannya masks in style, the only difference being the colour. A hannya mask will be white while an black oni mask will be red. These characters are constantly devilish for our biggest pleasure!

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