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In Venice, as in other European carnivals, the word lace masquerade masks is not only utilized to designate the cardboard or leather instrument with which one conceals one's face; the elegant masquerade masks for balls explains the whole person who, protected by his outfit or camouflage, slips into the skin of another character, god or animal.

The masquerade ball masks

Because the revival of the Venice carnival, the workshops have resumed and the Venetian craftsmen remain faithful to the ancient methods, providing leather masquerade masks on sticks or papier-mâché kinds. The latter are made in plaster moulds in which strips of soggy paper are placed one on top of the other until a sufficient density is obtained; when the papier-mâché type is dry, it is removed from the mould and after that thoroughly sanded and painted.

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While the conventional Venetian full face masquerade mask is slowly paving the way to contemporary creations, a lot of the characters of the Venetian carnival still come from the splendours of the 18th century or relate to Italian comedy. Venice and its conventional feather masquerade mask : a sign, an indissoluble bond, an icon known and appreciated all over the world.

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We have selected just the best male masquerade masks for you: the initial papier-mâché handmade, the knowledge of the best craftsmen and masters of the city, exclusive models that instantly become classics. Not to mention the lower recognized tradition of incredibly in-depth puppets. It appears a paradox, however your personality will be exposed through an object whose function is to conceal your identity. Here is our collection of venetian masquerade masks available on our online store below :

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The purchase of a Venetian mask to go to a masked ball, an outfit gala or a costume party is a wise choice because just Venetian craftsmen know how to make quality black and gold masquerade mask using an uncompromising price/quality ratio. You want to buy a gala mask or a mask for a masked ball? Do not hesitate a 2nd on the choice of quality because your event will unquestionably be unforgettable and unique.

The black masquerade mask

Our online shop has the widest range of products in the mask theme. Expert and specialist in the design of Venice sexy masquerade mask for masked balls, we have a specialized collection to facilitate your purchase as well as 100% secure and reliable means of payment. You are not satisfied with our large mask collection? Do not hesitate to contact our customer support to ask all your questions. Our team is made up of true half face masquerade mask enthusiasts, it will be a pleasure to answer you as soon as possible.