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the joker in metro with his joker mask

The Joker is arguably more popular today than Batman himself, although he's still in the shadow of Gotham's vigilante behind his Joker silicone mask. So much so that he now has a DC blockbuster in his name ... At last his stage name since his true identity still stays a mystery.

Our Joker mask 2019

Is the Joker a psychopath ? A criminal mastermind ? A revolutionary ? Or all three at once? The craziest of DC's super villains provides as numerous variations as looks in geek culture with various Joker skin mask in each of the films. He's a screen killer in 30 films, 28 video games and 20 TV series. But it's the DC comic-books that ensure his durability: more than 79 years of publications in which he will be reinvented a great hundred times with a Suicide Squad Joker mask that's always scarier than his old one. And will even pass away a couple of times.

The Dark Knight Joker mask

You constantly questioned how the Joker got those lovely scars ? What's his story ? Who's the Joker ? What does his Joker heist mask represent ? It's hard to understand the origin of this character who is passionate about stories that have several variations. According to among his medical professionals, there are 32 stories about his origins. In the adjustments of Batman by Christopher Nolan, there again, a lot of mystery surrounds the past of the man who became the Joker. All we know is that as a child, the clown had a harsh dad who, after beating his better half, cut off her cheeks with a knife. On our online shop, we are going to present you all the versions of Joker robber mask available in our collection below :

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Our Joker clown mask

You're still not seduced by it ? Didn't you find what you were looking for in our online shop among our wide selection of new Joker mask ? If it's for Halloween, our shop has other collections of masks, each one just as horrible as the next. Even if our Joker clown mask Dark Knight remains one of the most emblematic costume, we have nevertheless gathered all the most famous Joker Henchman masks of the Hollywood cinema because we are the mask specialists.