Kabuki Masks

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Name followed by a description of the traditional Kabuki mask used in Japanese theatre Noh (lyric drama), Kabuki (impressive drama) and kyogen (farce). Most often, masks are used any which way in all theatres. The kabuki style masks in Japan is discovered in the arts and media as well as in daily life. As Halloween methods, check out the culture of masks in Japan, from the kamen to the masuku, items worn for both useful and artistic reasons.

The Japanese Kabuki mask

"Mask kinds in Asia become part of the codified world of drama. The angry kabuki mask develops frequently worn on stage, enlivening the many characters of Japanese Noh. This constancy of the official repertoire also corresponds to the diffusion of the cultural model of the Râmâyana and Mahâbhârata impressives that influenced most of the plays. The purifying function of the kabuki half mask is frequently counterbalanced by interludes that show the need to combine the comic with the tragic.

Our Kabuki fox mask

The masks of Noh theatre fall into five categories: blank kabuki mask of spirits, guys, women, devils and old men. Those utilized today are copies of ancient masterpieces. These initial Nômen have been kept in Noh homes for generations. Carved in cypress wood (hinoki) and painted, they make up the 60 fundamental kabuki mask scary. In overall, there are 250 masks.

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In Noh, only the main stars use lacquered wood fox mask kabuki whose functions and expressions specify the character and synthesize the environment of a space. The hieratic sluggishness of the movements related to the sumptuousness of the elaborate outfits enables the actor to communicate numerous emotions under the unchanged aspect of the face. The actor's head motions, pre-established by a code and conventions, reveal the variety of states of mind. These mindsets are boosted by the play of light and shadow, which permits to interact a fleeting feeling and to improve the turning point of the action.

Our Kabuki theater mask

The distinguishing characteristics of the kabuki mask black and white associated with the softness of the volumes and colours thus take part in a search for balance. A realism nuanced with symbolism therefore adds to the expressionism which makes up the essence of the Noh mask.