Gas Masks

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gas mask

At the start of the First World War the troops were really improperly protected against gas attacks. Certainly, the modern-day black gas mask did not yet exist, so the soldiers tinkered with makeshift breathing security systems. In 1914 only German soldiers were equipped with breathing defense. In the face of chemical weapons, particularly chlorine, a Canadian medical officer suggested that troops place a thick fabric soaked in a solution of water, baking soda and urine over their mouths and noses.

Our Halloween gas mask

If you are looking for the best fake gas mask to celebrate Halloween or any other holiday, you will find your happiness in this collection especially dedicated to these masks. We propose you a wide selection of gas mask halloween costume. Whether it is to offer to one of your friends or to your relatives, we have designed the best selection of the scariest gas masks on the market. Click on one of our products, and read its beautiful description that we have carefully taken the time to write.

Our ww1 and ww2 gas mask

Created during the First World War from 1914 to 1918, the gas mask became famous for fighting gas attacks. Nowadays, it has been used in films, television series or hidden camera. The gas mask gives a glaucous aspect recalling the toxicity of our environment. Our shop is an expert in us army gas mask, we offer gas masks of all kinds, old or new. Choose the design and color of your choice, your favorite material and go outside to party and scare all your friends.

Our gas mask costume

We wanted to offer the most complete choice of chemical gas mask for this category in our shop, that's why we always want to provide the best quality at the best price. There will be something for every taste, from the most sinister to the most beautiful mask, see below an exemplary list of our offers :

  • Creepy gas mask
  • Gas mask girl
  • Plague doctor gas mask
  • Nuclear gas mask
  • Chernobyl gas mask
  • Toy gas mask
  • LED gas mask
  • Futuristic gas mask

The gas mask you are looking for is not on our shop? In this case do not hesitate to contact our customer service who will be happy to direct you and give us the information. We always want to provide our customers with an answer, that's why all our latex gas mask are the most famous all over the world.

The scary gas mask

A good old gas mask is very impressive a faith put on your face, but if you want to be even more imposing than your friends, don't hesitate to put on a Halloween costume to go with it. Made with two portholes for your eyes, and an air filter on your nose, you will become very scared once the biohazard gas mask is over your head.