Jason Masks

Jason voorhees mask and his machete

Discover our latest collection of Jason Mask specially designed to spend an unforgettable and terrifying Friday the 13th with friends. Jason Voorhees is the main protagonist of the film Friday the 13th.

The Jason Voorhees mask

Look no further in Crystal Lake, we went fishing for all the The Jason Voorhees mask that were abandoned at the bottom of this lake where little Jason had drowned as a child. We have exactly what you need to spend a horrible Halloween with your loved ones. The jason voorhees mask for kids or adults is the perfect costume to announce the return of the undead Jason.

Our Jason Voorhees hockey mask

Celebrate Friday 13TH as in its legend which announces a curse on this date. Put the Our Jason Voorhees hockey mask on your face and put on your most terrifying Halloween costume to make Jason more real than ever. Announcing his return to the world of the living, the jason voorhees mask for sale on our online store is an exceptional and legendary piece.

The different Jason Voorhees face mask

We have gathered on our online shop a large selection of Jason Voorhees face mask which are replicas from all Friday the 13th. You will find your happiness while strolling through our collection of Jason Mask :

  • jason voorhees mask part 1
  • jason voorhees mask part 2
  • jason voorhees mask part 3
  • jason voorhees mask part 4
  • jason voorhees mask part 5
  • jason voorhees mask part 6
  • jason voorhees mask part 7
  • jason voorhees mask part 8
  • jason voorhees mask part 9

Choose your favorite curse from the Crystal Lake camp and return to haunt the world of the living with the spirit of Jason who possesses this mask. The goal of our online store is to bring you all the most perfect replicas of every Friday the 13th that you have seen on your screen or at the cinema.

Our jason voorhees latex mask on our online shop

The tale of the Crystal Lake murder does not prevent counsellors from establishing a summertime camp in the woody area. Superstitious locals caution versus this, yet the fresh-faced boys - Jack, Alice, Bill, Marcie and Ned - do not assume much of the elders. Then they locate themselves hunted down by the Jason voorhees mask, a killer who comes back to life all the time. As they are reduced, shot as well as stabbed, the counsellors struggle to stay alive when faced with a ruthless challenger. Now you have no excuse not to add the Jason Mask to your Halloween mask collection !